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Wam Metals has world-class facilities to manufacture forgings, machined and assembly products. All of our processes are controlled using the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and are audited on a regular basis.


Our Tool-room uses the latest machining equipment and software to design and develop new products; after which they manufacture high-quality tools, dies, clipping tools, injection moulds and machining fixtures/jigs to be used for the manufacture of products. Damaged or worn tools, dies, clipping tools and machining fixtures/jigs are also repaired and refurbished in the Tool-room.

Solidworks (3D software) Design and edit 3D models used for manufacturing of tools, dies and jigs.
Mastercam (3D software) Design and edit 3D models used for manufacturing of tools, dies and jigs.
Deckel Maho 70V Manufacture and repair tools, dies and jigs.
Tongtai Machining Centre Manufacture and repair tools, dies and jigs.
Spark Eroder Create complex shapes tools, dies and jigs.
Surface grinder Prepare tools, dies and jigs before manufacture or repair.
Lathes and milling machines Manufacture and repair tools, dies and jigs.

Forging, saws and clipping

The saws cut material to the correct length for forging (or machining). The cut billets are formed into various shapes and sizes using the forging presses; clipping presses then remove any excess material.

5 Band saws Cut material to length.
2 CNC saws Cut material to length.
23 Forging presses (90-530 ton) Manufacture forgings (hot-forging and cold-forging) in various shapes/sizes.


Forge-shop with 23 forging presses

Saw cutting process


We offer a range of finishing options (including multiple finishing) depending on the product application and customer requirements.

Fettling/linishing Excess material is removed after forging.
Acid dipping Dipped in acid for a smooth, clean finish.
Shot-blasting Fine satin shot-blasted finish.
Polishing Polished to a shine.
Electro-plating Nickel, tin and silver plating.
Hot dip galvanising A zinc coating to protect iron, steel or aluminium from corrosion.
Powder coating Tough paint covering to protect products.
Plating plant Tin and nickel plating .


Our Machine-shop precisely machines each product to specification. All products are inspected to ensure conformity.

16 CNC Lathes Machining of products.
10 CNC Machining Centres Machining of products.
3 Special purpose machines Machining of products.
Drilling and tapping Drilling holes and tapping threads.


Plastic Injection moulding

Our plastic injection plant manufactures plastic parts from all injection-mouldable plastics.

Demag Injection Moulding Machines 175 ton, 240 ton, 420 ton injection moulding machines.
CLF Injection Moulding Machine 125 ton injection moulding machines.
DR Boy 30 ton and 50 ton injection moulding machines.