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Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Altering the copper or zinc percentage, along with other elements, changes the properties of the brass. Brass is "softer" than ferrous metals and is easily machined with less tool wear; it also has high corrosion resistance. Wam Metals does have a Foundry and we are able to alloy brass material to nearly any specification.

Common use: Gas valves, taps, fire hydrants, locks, wire clamps, nuts, bolts, geyser parts.

Here is a list of quality brass materials that Wam Metals manufactures regularly.

Stamping Brass

Specification: CW617N

This brass alloy is used for all general brass type parts. The forgings are tight-grained which makes them very suitable for high and low pressure gas applications.

DZR Brass

Specification: CW602N

De-Zincification Resistant (DZR) brass is used in the plumbing industry for taps, geyser parts, element bosses and fire hydrant parts. DZR is recommended for applications where the part is in contact with running water.

Naval Brass

Specification: CW712R

A high tensile brass with excellent corrosion resistance. Ideal for specialised fasteners.

Aluminium Bronze

Aluminium Bronze (AB2) A hard wearing metal used in applications as valve guides and seats, corrosion resistant parts and bushing gears. Aluminium Bronze is not suitable for use with strong oxidising acids.

Aluminium Nickel Zinc Bronze

Commonly known as XX, Aluminium Nickel Zinc Bronze is a sand and continuous cast material used in the glass mould industry.

Sand Cast Brass/Bronze

A sand cast alloy for all types of brass sand castings. Commonly known as SCB3.


A bronze alloy used for sand castings for all types of applications.

For more information on brass, visit Wikipedia - Brass