Wam Metals (Pty) Ltd was born in 1986. Today, it is a reputable, well known manufacturing and supply company which has a wide range of specialized non-ferrous, ferrous and plastic components servicing various market industries, both locally and abroad.

Wam Metals has a long standing and trusted track-record as a highly reliable, quality manufacturer and supplier of non-ferrous, ferrous and plastic components; which over the past 25 years have been installed throughout Transnet’s overhead national track systems. Wam Metals is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for overhead track components.

Our product range includes: specialized machined components for overhead transmission and earthing; electrical replacement parts; transformer parts; replacement parts for diesel and electric locomotives supplied direct to Transnet and various subcontracting companies.

Wam metals also offers customized solutions for product design of specific requirements in conjunction with Transnet freight rail engineering departments.

We supply to various construction companies, suppliers and directly to different Transnet Departments and we gladly invite you and your team to visit and evaluate our manufacturing plant and its facilities situated in 8 Barnsley street, Benoni Industrial. See the list of products that we supply below, with some example pictures of products.

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Swivel products

Swivel Clip Assembly 161 CEE-TND-0035 54000690 M00011732
Swivel Clip Assembly 107 CEE-TND-0035 NOT KNOWN M00033594
Swivel Clip Assembly 80 Catenary CEE-TN-242 54002401  
Swivel Clamp Retainer   54005215  
Swivel Assembly   54011428  
Swivel Clamp 107 Big Ball CEE-TND-0033/TNB 66 54011591  
Swivel Clip Stem CEE-TND-29 54011631  
Swivel Clamp 161 Big Ball CEE-TN-264 54011643  
Swivel Stem (Bottle Type) CEE-TN-378 SHEET 3 54016950  
Swivel Assembly   540024163  
Swivel Clip Assembly 250 Mm Sq BBB7932 54024288  
Swivel Cheek Ass. 500 Feeder BBC0903 54027826  
Swivel Clip Assembly Catenary 160 BBG1275    
Swivel Clamp 107 Small Ball CEE-TND-0037 54028819  
Swivel Clamp 161 Small Ball CEE-TN-0330 54033583  
Swivel Body CEE-TND 1 54033611  
Swivel Clamp 107 CEE-TN-378 SHEET 2 54011983  

Contact splice products

Contact Splice 161 CEE-TNB 21 AMENDMENT 3 54000754 M00074544
Contact Splice 107 CEE-TN-405 AMENDMENT 4 54006827  

Parallel Clamps

Parallel Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 80/100-50 CEE-TNB-0055 AMENDMENT 6 54000766  
Parallel Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 80/100-80/100 CEE-TNB-0055 AMENDMENT 6 54000791  
Parallel Clamp Cunisi 250-50 CEE-TNB-0055 AMENDMENT 6 54000843  
Parallel Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 250-80/100 CEE-TNB-0055 AMENDMENT 6 54000867  
Parallel Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 250-160 CEE-TNB-0055 AMENDMENT 6 54000880  
Parallel Clamp Cunisi 250-250 CEE-TNB-0055 AMENDMENT 6 54000907 M00011733
Parallel Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 160-50 CEE-TNB-0055 AMENDMENT 6 54002728 M00012752
Parallel Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 160-80/100 CEE-TNB-0055 AMENDMENT 6 54002753 M00075634
Parallel Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 160-160 CEE-TNB-0055 AMENDMENT 6 54002777 M00023267
Aluminium Parallel Clamp 160-160 BBB0376 54032504 M00052130
Aluminium Parallel Clamp 500-160 BBG7987    
Aluminium Parallel Clamp 800-160 BBG7988 54000603  
Bimetal Parallel Clamp 160 Cu-50 Al CEE-TNB-0094 AMENDMENT 3 54032363  
Bimetal Parallel Clamp 160 Al-80/100 Cu CEE-TNB-0094 AMENDMENT 3 54032375 M00053466
Bimetal Parallel Clamp160 Cu-160 Al CEE-TNB-0094 AMENDMENT 3 54032387 M00012274
Bimetal Parallel Clamp 160 Cu-250 Al BBD5138    
Bimetal Parallel Clamp 80/100 Cu-250 Al WAM DRG. F745    
Bimetal Parallel Clamp 160 Cu-100 Al. BBB4185 54033522  
Bimetal Parallel Clamp 500 Al-160 Cu CEE-TNB-0096 AMENDMENT 2 54016937 M00011348
Bimetal Parallel Clamp 800 Al-160 Cu CEE-TNB-0093 AMENDMENT 2 54016925  

Feeder Clamps

Feeder Clamp Cunisi 50-161 CEE-TNB-0057 AMENDMENT 5 54000920  
Feeder Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 80/100-161 CEE-TNB-0057 AMENDMENT 5 54001949 M00002277
Feeder Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 160-161 CEE-TNB-0057 AMENDMENT 5 54004930 M00054128
Feeder Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 250-161 CEE-TNB-0057 AMENDMENT 5 54004954  
Feeder Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 50/63/70-107 CEE-TNB-0081 AMENDMENT 4 54014849  
Feeder Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 80/100-107 CEE-TNB-0081 AMENDMENT 4 54014850  
Feeder Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 160-107 CEE-TNB-0081 AMENDMENT 4 54014862  
Feeder Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 250-107 CEE-TNB-0081 AMENDMENT 4 54014874  
Bimetal Feeder Clamp Cunisi 160 Al-161Cu BBG6147 54000401  

Nylon Catenary Clips

Nylon Catenary Clip 80 Mm Sq CEE-TND-5 54006840  
Nylon Catenary Clip 160 Mm Sq CEE-TND-5 54016836 M00043941
Nylon Catenary Clip 250 Mm Sq CEE-TND-5 54016848  
Nylon Loop Catenary Clip CEE-TND-11 54017070  

Earth Wire Clamps

Earth Wire Clamp 50 Mm Sq CEE-TN-371 54002033 M00075639
Earth Wire Clamp 100 Mm Sq CEE-TN-371 54015147  
Earth Wire Clamp 160 Mm Sq CEE-TN-371 54010498  
Earth Wire Return Clamp 160 BBB0789 54032589  
Earth Return Clamp Bridges And Tunnels CEE-TN-116    

Contact Dropper Clips

Dropper Clip 107 CEE-TND-22 54006787  
Dropper Clip 161 CEE-TND-22 54017312 M00012674

Rail and Mast Bonds

Rail Bond Kit 13-19 Mm   54020824 M000105835
Mast Bond Kit 6-12 Mm   54020848  
Signal Rail Bond 60 Kg 14 Mm Hole White WAM DRG. CDG14-605-19-14 60003000  
Signal Rail Bond 48 Kg Kg 13.5 Mm Hole Blue WAM DRG. CDG14-485-14-13 60003002  
Signal Rail Bond 57 Kg/Uic60 13.5 Mm Hole Green WAM DRG. CDG14-575-16-13 60003003  
Signal Rail Bond 60 Kg 13 Mm Hole Red WAM DRG. CDG16-605-19-13 60003004  

Bimetal Lugs

Lug 160 Mm Sq CEE-TNB-0028 VERSION 2 54009185 M00064717
Lug 500 Mm Sq      
Lug 800 Mm Sq WAM DRG. F688    

Clevis and Steady Arm Sockets

Clevis Socket   54001420  
Steady Arm Socket CEE-TNB-76 54001582 M00064108

Runner and Trolley Line Clamps

Runner Clamp Cu-Ni-Si 107 & 161 Contact CEE-TNB-0086 54021943  
Runner Clamp Cu-Ni-Si CEE-TN-401 54004424  
Runner Clamp Cu-Ni-Si CEE-TN-400 54004436  
Runner Stiffener Clamp Section Insulator CEE-TN-209 SHEET 16    
Side Runner Clamp Section Insulator CEE-TN-209 SHEET 17    
Trolley Line Clamp WAM DRG. F486    

Steady arm

Steady Arm Assembly CEE-TND-28 54011680  

Railway Products Catalogue

Notice: All product images serve to illustrate our manufacturing capability and enquiries for products will be directed to our customers.